Prioritize your long-term health, energy levels, and productivity. Here you'll find only products good for you and the planet. Low on sugar, very often vegan and lactose free, sometimes gluten free - totally Swedish.

Our Mission

To introduce the rich heritage of Swedish/Nordic Mellanmål culture to the American market while offering a diverse range of healthy snacks.

Our umbrella brand Mellanmål of Sweden™ is dedicated to providing consumers with not only wholesome and delicious treats but also an opportunity to embrace a new way of snacking that embodies wellness, balance, and cultural exploration

Our Customers

From busy professionals seeking convenient and nutritious snacks to families striving for balanced eating habits, our customers encompass a wide range of lifestyles and preferences. What sets them apart is a desire to embrace a new way of snacking that offers not only sustenance but also a moment of mindfulness. Their needs, preferences, and aspirations drive us to curate an exceptional selection of snacks resonating with their journey toward wellness and cultural discovery.


It's not too much and not too little. It's Lagom.

(Yes, lagom is another super Swedish word that means) "just right".