About Bala Veda

Driven by a desire to share the life-enhancing benefits of adaptogens Amanda and Sebastian founded Bala Veda to provide individuals with the tools to achieve inner balance, vitality, and enhanced focus.

With a background in herbalism and Ayurveda, Amanda embarked on a quest to alleviate her own chronic stress and fatigue.

It led her to discover the power of adaptogens – ancient herbs with the ability to restore the body's equilibrium and boost immunity.

This made them realize "Why shouldn't everyone have access to the same level of balance and vitality that I have found?" Bala Veda was born.

Today, Bala Veda stands as a testament to Amanda and Sebastian's commitment to harnessing the healing potential of adaptogens.

Through their unique formulas, Bala Veda empowers people to cultivate a state of harmony within their bodies, paving the way for enhanced well-being.