Ayurvedic tips for Fall

8 Ayurvedic tips for Fall

Fall Season & Ayurveda

Autumn is vata season in Ayurveda. Everything becomes a little more light, a bit dryer and a whole lot cooler. Knowing that what happens in nature, happens in us (because we are nature), we want to balance with opposites. For instance, grounding our bodies with heavier foods like squash, pumpkin and sweet potatoes. Here are my top 8 tips to stay cozy this Fall and not let Vata dosha get the best of ya. 

    1. Dress appropriately - Once the weather starts to cool, take out a light jacket, some cozy knit sweaters and maybe even a scarf for extra protection. Autumn is windy, so cover your ears which are especially vulnerable in the Fall months.

    2. Stock up on warming spices and broths - Chicken stock is so nutrient dense that it nourishes vata at the root. It also keeps the gut happy and a happy gut is a happy body.

    3. Eat heavier foods - We touched on this above but let’s throw in a couple more for good measure. Stews with dense meats and veggies, lentil and mushroom soups, baked apples and oatmeal and dates and figs, sesame seeds and salmon. All these foods pacify vata and help to keep it in its place.  

    4. Relax! Getting frazzled in vata season only increases it! Take time to sit and watch a fire, drink some cider and roast marshmallows with your kids. Perhaps plant a fall garden (garlic and spinach are 2 of my cold weather faves to grow), activities that help you to feel calm and positive are a great way to transition through the seasons.

    5. Keep good company - your friends and family are a lifeline when the nature around you starts to change. We’re all starting to be pushed indoors, so break out the board games and puzzles or a nice game of group charades. No family close? Get on the phone. Talking can be just as valuable when it comes to spending time with those we love.

    6. Sip warm drinks! My favorite is Kapow Cacao ™ but I also suggest homemade broth, herbal tea or even just warm water with lemon. I know it’s pumpkin spice latte time, but seriously, keep the coffee to a minimum, it actually aggravates vata and we’re trying to do the opposite here ;)

    7. Take warm baths with vata pacifying essential oils like spikenard or sandalwood. Want to skip the oils? Adding magnesium flakes or epsom salt can be extremely grounding as well.

    8. Incorporate grounding adaptogens like ashwagandha and red reishi, both are found in our super 6 blend of Kapow Cacao ™. Add hot water with a little cream or oat milk and feel yourself completely slow down into blissful peace.   

Happy Fall! 

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