Best adaptogens for Immunity

Best adaptogens for Immunity

Happy September, it’s back to school time and a chance for the superstars of immunity to shine. 

In Ayurveda, Rasayanas (herbs of longevity), are some of the favorite heroes in this category and many of them are adaptogens. They boost all the systems of the body and that’s important to understand because ayurveda does not recognize the immune system as it’s OWN unique system. Why? Because the immune system has a piece in ALL the systems of the body. Here are a few immunity superstars that I love and why we use them in our Bala Veda line. 


Astragalus: the root with bite: this chinese medicine herb boosts white blood cells, builds blood, is a strong antiviral, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti inflammatory, and it regulates blood sugar!  

This is found in both our turmeric/ginger immunity shot and our Kapow Cacao


Amalaki: Indian gooseberry; A wonder berry that is High in vitamin C, a bio-available food source of the super immunity vitamin. And it doubles down with a rich antioxidant punch. 

This is found in both our elderberry immunity shot and our Kapow Cacao


Ashwagandha: Strength of a horse; ashwagandha is just one of those herbs that always has your back. It calms us and reduces the effects of stress in the body. It boosts immunity because it is an immunomodulator, meaning it can suppress, enhance or induce an immune response. It meets you where you are and works with your body to take you where you need to go. No wonder it’s gained such popularity over the last decade, but Ayurveda has known this for thousands of years. 


We use this in our Super Six blend of our adaptogenic nutraceutical Kapow Cacao™


Guduchi: the queen rasayana of immunity. A stem you can stand on. Although the roots, berries, bark and leaves are also used, the stem contains some of the best medicine. Often combined with other ayurvedic herbs for immune deficiency and autoimmune disease, it works by modulating the immune system and enhancing deficient immunity. It’s even been known to help with allergy symptoms. 


Red Reishi: The immunity mushroom used for thousands of years... This wild mushroom is found from the hills of Tennessee to the mountains of China and its mycelium network looks an awful lot like the network of the immune system, spreading everywhere throughout. If you are aware of the signature of things, you’ll know that like attracts like (the number one rule in ayurveda), so to affect the liver, eat liver (beef or chicken), for brain food, eat walnuts, and so on. 

We use this in our Super Six blend of our adaptogenic nutraceutical Kapow Cacao™

Herbs we also use that boost the immune system include turmeric, ginger, elderberry and goji berry.  

Understanding the herbs that can help build our resilience to bacteria and viruses  
is so important to overall health and wellness. It doesn't take much of these herbs to have a preventative effect, so including them in your daily routine is the perfect way to insure good health. 

In good health,


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