Boost your productivity and well-being at work

Boost your productivity and well-being at work

Have you felt tired at work? Did you know that this is quite common? According to an article by Healthline, feeling exhausted at work is really common and many factors can cause it. Luckily, here at Mellanmål, we have a few tips regarding healthy snacks that can help you increase your energy levels in your daily life. 

Start with small changes in your day-to-day life. According to Healthline snacks are a major part of our diets, accounting for 20% of energy intake among U.S adults. Therefore is super important to be conscious of what you consider a healthy snack.


Here are some tips that can be useful for you regarding snacks intake: 

1. Timing is super important when you eat your snacks, try to wait a few hours after breakfast to have your snack and in between lunch and dinner.

2. Snacking late at night may have negative effects on your blood glucose and insulin levels. So try to avoid these as much as you can and instead try to snack earlier in the day.  

3. Try to include snacks that are high in nutrients and that are not that high in sugar for example some fresh fruits, like plums and berries, nuts like almonds, seeds in a chia pudding for example, and Greek yogurt.


    As you already might notice. At Mellanmål we believe in a healthy lifestyle, therefore we want to share some of our healthy recipes and snack ideas:

    1. Healthy & Hormone Balancing Smoothie Recipe, this recipe is perfect to start your morning with more energy and balance your hormones, it is an easy and a to-go recipe.

    2. Yogurt with strawberries, this is an easy and simple recipe that you can take to work, school, or even to the gym. Take a look at this snack and enjoy!

    3. Last but not least, the RE: DO protein bars. This is perfect for an after-training snack or even as a snack in the office. They exist in different flavors, strawberry, chocolate, strawberry, and a favorite salt-caramel.


      All in all, remember that these are general tips that might work for some and might not work for others. Therefore, you need to try and see what works best for you! Remember that if you are feeling extremely tired or feel more symptoms that are not considered normal for you, then you need to always consult your medical professional. 

      Let us know in the discussion box if you tried any of our tips and we are always happy to answer any of your questions.

      Enjoy and happy snacking with Mellanmål of Sweden!

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